Best cover-up tattoo shop in Baltimore, Maryland, Island City tattoos

Best cover-up tattoo shop in Baltimore, Maryland, Island City tattoos

Mar 12, 2023

Best cover-up tattoo shop in Baltimore, Maryland, Island city tattoos

In the many years I have been doing tattoos in Baltimore City, I have heard a lot of crazy stories about first-time tattoos and bad experiences. These often always have one common denominator in the story, and it usually falls back on the tattoo artist who did the tattoo,

for instance, one of the main things I hear, especially from our customers, is that they had their tattoos done when they were younger, and that's the reason why the tattoo looks the way it does, and that's so far from the truth. It starts off with a line like .."

I got this when I was younger," or "this is my first one(tattoo)." In actuality, your age has nothing to do with how your tattoo looks.

it's not your fault. It's your tattoo artists. if you had a better tattoo artist, you would have a better tattoo, so the excuse that people make in conversations is mostly because they're so ashamed and embarrassed about their tattoos. and is usually not really a valid excuse, in my opinion,

you can have a bad error in judgment as far as the design of your tattoo, you can also have a tattoo that you might have outgrown over time, it happens sometimes.

now there is an exception to this rule if you sat in the tattoo chair and physically did not move or squirm around then any ''faulty'' tattoo work is on your tattoo artist which brings me back to the artist themselves, there's a lot of unqualified people doing tattoos in Maryland. Many of these artists do not take the time to learn the craft like they should. Most guys assume they can draw a little bit, and they would make great tattoo artists. It really doesn't work like that. drawing on paper is totally different than drawing on skin. it takes time to learn the proper techniques, and honing your craft into a skill takes years, and you're always learning new things, so if you have a really bad tattoo, it usually is because you have a bad tattoo artist, but there's hope to have that tattoo fixed or covered up

at our shop, The most common tattoo design that Most people have and would like covered up is a name they might not want, and they just have outgrown it or don't like the tattoo anymore, so

A good cover-up tattoo is designed to cover the old existing tattoo completely. so the layout is usually very specific; it requires dark coloration and shading and distracting line work that takes your eyes away from the old tattoo/ once this is successfully done, your new tattoo should not have a trace of the old one, showing they are a couple of exceptions sometimes the original tattoo might have slight scarring or keloid if this is the case they will still show up under the new tattoo. One way to check for this is to rub your hands over your existing tattoo and feel the lines of your tattoo. That is a good indication of scar tissue. You can definitely go over this with a new tattoo, but you will always be able to feel the raised texture of your skin with your hands.

The good news is that the artists at Island City Tattoo are experienced at doing great tattoo cover-ups. We have some of the best cover-up tattoo artists in Baltimore City, and one of the artists would be able to assist you. We bring years of experience, artistic knowledge, and know-how, which is exactly what you would need in redesigning your perfect cover-up. Sometimes, it's just a simple outline that you might need to fix. Other times, it's a complete touch-up of the old tattoo

so here are some commonly asked questions about cover-up tattoos

I don't have any idea what to cover this up with.

Be open to ideas from your artists. We usually have a lot of experience doing these types of tattoos. There are a couple of basic designs that usually always work. The number one design used in most cover-up tattoos is roses or some other type of flowers. usually, most designs can be hidden inside the petals of the flowers, so that's usually a good fit for cover-up designs. Birds, dragons, snakes, and Koi fish usually are also good candidates for cover-up tattoos. The intricate design patterns are usually good places to hide your old tattoo.

how much will a cover-up tattoo cost? The price is usually based on the size and detail in the tattoo, so once the design is figured out, the artist will let me know the actual price and your design options and also estimate the time required to have the tattoo done.

How big is the cover-up tattoo going to be? Usually, the design would have to be at least 50% bigger than the original tattoo. this is not 100% accurate because it really all comes down to the actual cover-up design.

What if I just needed a touch-up of my old tattoo? Any of our artists at Island City Tattoos can help you with that. it's actually easier to touch up and redo your existing tattoos than to construct a cover-up design.